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"Maison de Garance" by French General

For the past week and a half I’ve been watching the French General blog website, checking back at least twice a day, to see when Kaari Meng was going to begin offering the quilts that my friend Keiko and I worked on with Kaari and her husband Jon.  Well, I’m a few days late in announcing this but the kits are up and ready for viewing (and purchasing if you are so inclined).  Kaari has given me pictures to post here so that you can see the full quilts in all their glory. 

The first quilt I’m showing you is the Maison de Garance quilt, which was designed by Jon Zabala and Keiko Clark.  I did the piecing and appliqué and Debbie Thornton from Prairie Queens Quilts did the machine quilting.  If stitching this chateau doesn’t make you want to thow on a beret and book a trip on Air France, then nothing will.

"Reine des Abeilles" by French General

The second quilt (to the right) is the Reine des Abeilles quilt that Keiko designed and pieced with the help of Ayako Yamazaki.  Again, Debbie Thornton was the machine quilter.  Keiko has developed a nifty way to piece the large hexagons, so it’s worth it for the educational experience alone. 

 What you don’t see in the photos, however, are the extra goodies that French General will include as part of the “kit”.  Each kit will come assembled in a tote bag made exclusively for this project, and will also include a hand silk-screened (and numbered label).  Since there are only 50 kits…you’ll have proof that your quilt was spawned from one of the few issued.

 So, tell us what you think — We’re excited to know.  And, to encourage your comments I’m going to pull together the leftovers from making the Maison de Garance quilt for a little giveaway.  Just leave a comment by Wednesday November 17th and I’ll pick the lucky winner. 

And if scraps aren’t enough and you are inspired to pick up one of these wonderful kits…you can easily order them through www.frenchgeneral.com.  Just click on the words “Quilt Kits” and look for the horse.   I just wouldn’t wait too long.   They will be gone soon.

— Penny


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