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"Roseville Album" by Kim McLean

If you are an avid blogger, you’ll know that this is old news.  But, if you only drop by once in a while I may be presenting you with a new discovery.  As of this last Sunday, Kim McLean (of Australian quilting fame)  made available her latest pattern release, Roseville Album.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a magnificent pattern for us appliquists…and will only further the damage to my brain as I attempt to decide what to do next.  Oh, hands….don’t fail me now. 

And, as I do a little blog search to find out more information on the pattern..I learn that there are two more patterns (Sprigs and Stars, and Flower Garden) that Kim McLean will be releasing in the next year or so.  Both undoubtedly just as wonderful as the others she’s done.  Keep an eye out.  If you want to know where you can get this pattern, along with her other releases…go to www.gloriouscolor.com.  And, tell them Penny sent you.   I already ordered mine.

And, if you haven’t already read my recent post about my giveway…scroll down. 


 P.S.  Thanks to Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts for being the scooper on this news.


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Final Trip Giveaway

V & A Commemorative Panel

With only nine days remaining for the V&A Quilt Exhibit (www.vanda.ac.uk), it’s too late to encourage you all to purchase a plane ticket and hop the pond to see the show.  Instead, I’m going to commemorate the exhibit by offering one more little gift from my trip to giveaway to my loyal readers.  

 Up for grabs is one of the preprinted  panels that the V&A Museum produced to commemorate the exhibit (above).    Printed on 100% silk rather than the expected cotton, this panel could be the center of a medallion quilt, a pillow, or just something kept in your undies drawer…heck you could probably made undies from it if you’re a size zero (which I am not).  To put your hat in the ring, all you need to do is leave a post on how you might use this little souvenir.   I will pick the lucky winner on the exhibit closing date of July 4th. 

So, best of luck to you and (as they say in England) Bob’s your uncle *. 

— Penny 

* for a translation of the British phrase “and Bob’s your uncle”, click on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob’s_your_uncle  You’ll amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge.

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"Celestial Dreams" by Susan Powell

I’ve have finally figured out what the single most important tool is for an appliquist.  Glue baste you say?  Freezer paper?  Magnifiers.  Nope, although the last item is pretty important.  No, I’ve finally recognized that hands that work well are an appliquer’s most important asset (and I include working thumbs with that).

As my hands grow older and less nimble, I just wish I could just grow a new set so that I could do everything I long to do.  Earlier today I revisited some of my favorite websites and found that Susan Powell (of the Oley, PA quilt store fame) had reissued her Celestial Dreams pattern.  (OK…maybe I didn’t see it right when it was reissued…but it was news to me.)    Exclusively available through Kaffe Fassett’s website “Glorious Color” you can purchase your own copy by going to http://www.gloriouscolor.com/store.php?cat=281.

So, on the list it goes along with about 30 other patterns that are in the  “gotta make” category,  including several that I’ve drafted myself and just haven’t gotten to yet.  In fact, I’ve taught patterns that I’ve designed that I’ve never done myself.  If there is anything that can make you feel like a slacker it’s that!

So, if there is an extra-special pattern that you’ve been dreaming about doing but haven’t found the time to even start it, tell us about it.  Maybe we can get a little support group going and get some of these done before the cartilage is complete gone.

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Barbara Chainey

Quilting Designs by Barbara Chainey

Speaking about hand quilting, I recently received an email from Barbara Chainey…hand quilter extraordinaire.  Barbara comes from that great UK tradition of making quilts where the quilting is an equal (or even more important) design component to the piecing.  She’s got this great blog (/barbarachaineyquilts.wordpress.com) where she shows her recent work…along with American and British quilts from her collection.  Her stitches are so tiny and even that one can only aspire, and be inspired.  

"Quilt It!" by Barbara Chainey

I don’t know the circumstances under which I had original exchanging emails with Barbara; it was so long ago.  But,  I finally met up with her back in 1999 at the Malvern UK quilt show, and marveled at all the original quilting patterns that she sold to folks who really knew what to do with them. At that time, I hadn’t a clue.  

After reconnecting a couple of months ago because of my blog, I told her how much I had used her book  recently to aid in my hand quilting.  I’ve had a copy of Quilt It! for many years and found it to be very helpful in exposing me to the possibilities of quilting designs.  I also told her that I wish I had really snatched up the entire set of her patterns back in Malvern!  And, she very generously offered to send me copies of two of her books containing quilting patterns…both block and border designs.  Spiral bound, each book contains dozens of patterns that will have you pull out your waxed thread and quilting thimble.  

Quilting Designs by Barbara Chainey

So, if you’re contemplating doing a little, or a lot, hand quilting…check out her books.  I think you’ll be inspired.  I’m sure that you contact her through her blog you’ll be able to purchase your very own copies!  And, even better yet…if you live in the UK check out her website that she shares with another teacher to check for upcoming classes by going to (http://www.chrisandbarbara.co.uk/).   Nothing like learning from the best. 


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Warm Weather Stitching

Elizabeth Bradley Mini-Kit

It was the first real hot weekend of the year this past Saturday and Sunday.  And, what better to work on when it’s about 95 degrees in your house….something with wool in it.  Well, probably not but at least the project was small.  Back in May, when the temperature with a bit milder, I purchased a small Elizabeth Bradley (www.elizabethbradley.com) kit to make up before I start in on my Contented Cat pillow that I wrote about a few posts back.  My rationale was that I needed a little practice before I put my needle to canvas on my expensive kit.   OK, you’re not buying that…but it was on sale so I couldn’t resist.  So, here is my project so far.  I’m loving it even though it’s a bit over the top romantic for me.  But, the colors are good, and I will make it up into a substantial pillow to be artfully positioned on my chair. 

One Cathedral Window

 I also took a wonderful class this past weekend from my friend Keiko on her method of Cathedral Windows at Prairie Queens Quilts.  It was a great class that has got me thinking about incorporating this technique in my own designs.  Keiko is an amazingly patient instructor, even for those of us (like me) that seem to take a little longer to get the concept.  So, here is my little sample piece with only one window completed so far.   I can see that I need a little work in getting the windows round.

"Window of the World" by K Cotton Studio

Keiko has published a pattern showing her technique.  The pattern, called Window of the World, is available from Prairie Queens Quilts (www.prairiequeenquilts).  To see a much better photo of her sample made from French General’s Rural Jardin line, visit her blog at kcottonstudio.blogspot.com.  She also has a number of other wonderful patterns that you might like to take a look at. –Penny

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Maison de Garance by French General

My friend Keiko is a quilt designer and went to Spring Quilt Market last month and brought back some wonderful fabrics for us all to drool over.  In particular is the upcoming French General line called Maison de Garance by Moda Fabrics.

Kaari Meng (www.frenchgeneral.com) has designed another great group of French-inspired fabrics for us using the same pinkish red that she’s included in her other lines.  But, this time added a brown to the mix.  Try as I might…I just couldn’t get my photo to show the brown correctly…it kept coming out purple’ish….but think Hershey bar wrapper brown and you’ll be pretty close.

I LOVE (love, love, love) the large prints in this line.  What a terrific wholecloth quilt (or even a back) this would make for that European old world look.  So often when I begin a quilt I’m just making what I like regardless if it would actually match anything in my house.  But, these are the fabrics that will inspire you to totally redo your bedroom.

I think you can expect to see them in the stores around October.  Some of the shops have begun taking advance orders…so, check your local shop and see if they will let you give them your wishlist.


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Winterthur Baltimore Album Quilt

I was surfing last night and came across a press release from some time ago announcing a new pattern release to be sold exclusively at Winterthur.  They described it as a kit for $60…so, that certainly got my curiosity up.  How could they possibly sell a quilt kit that included fabric and pattern for $60.00.  And, a more than 100 inches square Baltimore quilt at that.

 A little further investigation has led me to find out that this quilt kit is really a pattern for the 25-block quilt shown above, including the border, along with a cd.  Apparently the cd contains photographs of each of the original blocks.  The original quilt, in the collection at Winterthur, was made in Baltimore in 1854 by members of Old Otterbein Church.  Drafted by the Baltimore Applique Society (www.baltimoreapplique.com), the pattern is presented very much like the Mary Mannakee pattern that has captured the imagination of so many appliquists. 

 But, here’s the good part….when I checked the Winterthur Museum Shop website (http://www.winterthurstore.org/baalqupakit.html) I found that the pattern (with CD) is on sale for $39.00.  Just thought you’d want to know.

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