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San Diego Quilt Show


"Tulips and Roses" 2008

If you are anywhere near San Diego (and have any remote interest in traditional or reproduction quilts) there will be a special exhibit at the San Diego Quilt Show which begins today and runs through Saturday (9/17 – 9/19).  It was just about a year ago that the American Quilt Study Group held an exhibit in Columbus, Ohio of approximately 50 red and green reproduction quilts made by members of the organization for what we call a “quilt study”.  About half of those quilts were then selected to go onto a two-year travelling exhibit…and for the next few days in San Diego you’ll get to see these 25 quilts up front and in person.   For more information on this venue, check out their webpage at www.sandiegoquiltshow.com/.

The quilt photographed above was my entry to the exhibit.  Miniaturized from a full-size quilt, my quilt was a near (although not exact) copy of an original mid-19th Century red and green quilt.   I cannot tell you how much fun I had working on it…drafting the patterns and selecting fabrics that matched the colors as best as I could.  An appliquer I am, but a quilter I am not — neither hand nor machine.   So, I relied heavily on my good friend Cindy Needham to do her magic with her Juki and she literally breathed life into it.  Wish you could see in the picture, but there is this beautiful feather border that winds in and out of the stair-step border.  (For more about Cindy…be sure to check out her website www.cindyneedham.com for more information about her teaching, retreats, stencils and book.) 

So, if you are going to the San Diego show…keep an eye out for the AQSG Study Quilts.  You won’t be disappointed.  And, if you are interested in antique quilts check out the website for the American Quilt Study Group (www.americanquiltstudygroup.org).  AQSG is a very dynamic organization that brings historians, curators, collectors and quilters together.



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New Period Film Alert

Creation (2009)

Creation (2009)

I picked up Entertainment Weekly at the grocery last night and saw an article about a new film that is slated to be released in the coming months.  Creation is a new film based the book Annie’s Box by Randal Keynes, who just happens to be Charles Darwin’s great-great grandson.  Written by the same screenwriter, John Collee, that wrote Master and Commander, I’m hopeful that it’s going to be an artfully made film.  Starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as Charles and Emma Darwin, the actors are married in real life.  Not sure that’s an important bit of information…but, it’s an interesting tidbit. 

If you’re interested in find out more about the film, which includes a trailer and some video clips on the making of the film, go to the official website at http://creationthemovie.com/.

The film is being premiered today at the Toronto Film Festival;  no known release date for the US, but hopefully it will be here in the coming months.

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The Mill at Mapledurham, England

The Mill at Mapledurham, England 2008

Well, as I mentioned in a couple of posts ago, England is on my mind these days.  Next year I will be travelling there with four friends with the primary objective to attend the Victoria and Albert Museum’s upcoming exhibit Quilts 1700 — 2010 (www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/future_exhibs/Quilts/index.html).  (Of course there will be some secondary objectives.  No sense going all that way without  doing a little antiquing, having tea and scones with real clotted cream, and seeing if we can find sheep grazing in a church graveyard!) 

To say that this exhibit is a huge deal to those that love antique quilts would not be an overstatement.  The V&A is the world’s finest museum dedicated to the decorative arts.  But,  despite their fabulous collection of quilts from the British Isles, this will be their first ever exhibit focusing on quilts.  If you’re interested in reading more about the exhibit preparation, you can read along with the curator’s blog  (www.vam.ac.uk/things-to-do/blogs/quilts-hidden-histories-untold-stories/home). 

If you’re wanting to go but lack the gumption to get yourself around  England on your own, there are some very good tours that are being organized.  A friend of mine, Deb Roberts, is organizing one that will take you from one end of the country to another in search of antique quilts, fabric swatches, and good fellowship.  Her tour also includes an opportunity to attend the symposium being held by the V&A at the same time as the exhibit.  If you’re curious to see what Deb has planned, you can visit her website at worldofquiltstravel.com/JuneEngland.htm.

"Across the Pond" by Bettina Havig

"Across the Pond" by Bettina Havig

Last spring I was fortunate enough to travel to England where my travelling companion and I got together with Bettina Havig for a fun day at a local guild show.  I was pleased to learn earlier this week that Bettina (author of several books on quilts) is about to release her newest book titled Across the Pond:  Projects Inspired by Quilts from the British Isles.  Although I haven’t yet seen the book, I have it on good authority that it includes quilt made with a pre-printed medallion center that was purchased on that very day last year.  For more information on the book you can read about it on the Kansas City Star website (www.pickledishstore.com), but as always it’s a good idea to purchase these items from your local shop if you can. 

So, as I plan for my next trip I remind myself that there just might be some more pre-printed medallion treasures awaiting us.  We’ll just have to work really hard to find them.

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