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For those of you who may have been checking my blog for updates…well, I’m sorry but I have had a difficult few weeks.  But, I will return soon with new ideas, patterns, and general ramplings.  But, for now….

meli circa 1969 modified

In loving memory of my niece, Meli.  I shall miss all that we shared, and all that you taught me.  You encouraged my creativity and my mind.   It was always fun introducing you as my niece, given that I was the younger one.  Big hugs and hope you are able to quilt and bake and if you go to the movies that you can talk just as much as you’d like.




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desperate romantics bbc

The BBC's "Desperate Romantics"

With a trip to England coming up in the Spring, you’d know I’d be doing a little research on what I might be able to see on the telly while I’m there.  It was this in mind that I found out that the BBC2 is currently airing a 6-part series (in the UK) on the lives of several artists from the Brotherhood of the Pre-Raphelites (www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00lvyq2).    We can only hope that it makes way to PBS or BBCAmerica.  But, if not…I have my multi-region DVD player ready once it’s released on disk by Amazon.co.uk.

If you wondering how this ties into William Morris…well, one of the main characters portrayed in this series, bad boy Dante Rossetti, became the long time lover of Morris’ wife, Jane.  And, for some time the three lived together at Kelmscott.  Jane’s bedroom on one side, Dante’s on another…and William’s right in the middle.  Oh those repressed Victorians!  For years I’ve thought that the story of this love triangle would make for a fabulous stage musical (are you out there Andrew Lloyd Webber??).  Imagine the textiles and backdrops up against all that angst. 



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My Dear Lady Catherine,
It was with great delight that I received your letter regarding the agreeable Mrs. Hodack and your description of her quaint country cottage.  With such a persuasive endorsement of her remarkable skills as a needlewoman, Miss Brackman and I both agree that the patches of cloth should be dispatched to her immediately.  I shall put them in the capable hands of the next coachman that passes through in a northernly direction.  I am only surprised that you did not request the patches for yourself because I know that if you were to have taken up the art of the needle that you would have been a great proficient.
Please give regards to your nephew Darcy. I was happy to hear that he is fully recovered from the chill he sustained.  One should never bathe in a lake.
Scene from "Lost in Austen"

Scene from "Lost in Austen"

Ok, so there you have it.  Helen Hodack is the winner of the Morris Workshop layer cake so generously given by Barbara Brackman.  If you didn’t read her post…you should.  It really was quite clever and prompted by Austen’esque response. 

And, thanks to everone who contributed posts.  I have some other giveaways brewing so do not be disheartened and keep checking back.
— Penny

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